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Dispersion of vehicle emissions in street canyons


Validating conventional grid models means to intercompare their results with field or laboratory data. However, as is elucidated in the report, field data, laboratory data and numerical model results contain some fundamental differences. To simply relate experimental data and model results to each other comes, therefore, often close to the proverbial comparison of apples with oranges.

A systematic wind tunnel study was carried out within which these differences were investigated and quantified. This was done at the example of the ‘Goettinger Strasse’-field data set from Hanover, Germany. This data set is presently regarded as the most complete and reliable of its kind. It is frequently used for the validation of obstacle resolving models which are applied to predict pollutant dispersion in urban or industrial environments.

In the report results are presented from (1) the field site, (2) two corresponding physical models containing either all or only the most important geometrical details, and (3) a numerical model widely used for urban dispersion predictions. The differences observed are discussed and gaps in present knowledge are indicated.


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