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Un-burnt hydrocarbons of internal combustion engines during cold-start, warm-up and during instationary acceleration procedures


Incomplete burning of fuel of internal combustion engines particularly cause apart from higher fuel-consumption the emission of various hydrocarbons during cold-start, warm-up and during instationary acceleration procedures. Beyond their toxic effects on human organism unburnt hydrocarbons emitted by cars are the primary reason for the formation of ozone and smog in the lower atmosphere.

In this research project the formation mechanism of unburnt hydrocarbons during cold-start and warm-up at a 4-cyl. SI-engine at an ambient-air temperature of 20°C have been investigated. Qualitative statements on the influences of different combustion parameters concerning HC-emissions could be posted. This would be carried out with up-to-date measuring technique, for example: crank angle degree resolved measuring of unburnt hydrocarbons by means of a fast response flame ionisation detector; optical fibre measuring technique for flame propagation recording.


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