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First, for the research engine AS 165a, a three-dimensional flow and combustion simulation, using simple chemistry, had been performed. Based on these simulations, which had been completely visualized and evaluated by the aid of the "virtual reality" technique at the computation centre of Stuttgart University, two modified cylinders had been worked out and had been put at our disposal by the industry partner AS-Motor. These two cylinders and the original cylinder had been indicated for high as well as low pressure and had been measured in big areas of the engine map regarding power output, torque, fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions. Furthermore, two modified silencers had been produced, and their potential regarding increase in power output as well as decrease in fuel consumption had been investigated. All measurements showed that the original engine exhibits a good level of development. However, the engine still possesses potential for improvments. The latter could be underlined by one-dimensional simulations of the engine in original condition.


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