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Purification of Water by Pervaporation and Photooxidative Degradation


The project comprised the development and the test of a new process for the treatment of waste water which is contaminated by mainly low volatile organic pollutants. The process is a combination of pervaporation and vacuum-UV gas-phase photooxidation. At first the organic components are separated and concentrated in a multistage membrane pervaporation process. Afterwards the gaseous permeate is irradiated in a photooxidation reactor, where the organic components are degraded. The state of the gaseous permeate after pervaporation allows an optimum and energy efficient photooxidative degradation. This is the main advantage of the new process.

The experiments were carried out in laboratory scale and in a pilot plant. The results show that water can be purified by pervaporation to very low residual pollutant concentration, and that VUV gas-phase photooxidation is a very efficient tool for the mineralisation of organic compounds.

On the basis of the experimental results an industrial scale process is designed. Simulation of the hybrid process shows that a contaminated wastewater stream of 1000 kg/h can be purified at the cost of 10,- to 35,- DM (approximately 5 to 17 US$) depending on concentration and desired grade of purification.


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