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Although aromatic nitro and amino compounds are normally used as intermediates in chemical industry, the human population seems to be exposed in a greater extent as suspected so far. Due to the mutagenic properties of several aromatic nitro and amino compounds this is of important interest in environmental medicine. Within this study we examine miscellaneous sections of the population concerning their body burden of amino and nitro aromatics and their metabolites. Urban (N=100) and rural (N=101) people as well as residents of inherited military waste sides (N=63) and persons occupationally exposed to aromatic nitro compounds (N=82) declared themselfs willing to participate the study. Parameters of interest are aniline, nitrobenzene, toluidines, nitrotoluenes, dinitrotoluenes, trinitrotoluene, 3,5-dichloroaniline, musk xylene and their main metabolites. The renal excretion of the metabolites is examined using Biological Monitoring, whereas hemoglobine adducts will be quantified applying Biochemical Effect Monitoring. Therefore new analytical methods had to be developed. The results of Biological Monitoring (renal excretion) are discussed.


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