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This project aimed to investigate direct and indirect genotoxicity of water soluble and particulate, environmentally relevant metal compounds in cultured human cells. Special attention has been given to the combination effects of single metal compounds with the environmental mutagen benzo[a]pyrene. Our experiments show that all investigated compounds of arsenic, cadmium and nickel induce oxidative DNA damage and inhibit repair of BPDE-DNA-adducts in cultured human cells, thereby showing for the first time a repair inhibition by environmentally relevant nickel and cadmium compounds and biomethylated arsenicals. These results indicate a general inhibition of the nucleotide excision repair by nickel, cadmium and arsenic independent of the compound applied. As humans are frequently exposed to both metal compounds and mutagens under occupational and environmental (smoking, coal fly ash) conditions, these indirect genotoxic effects appear to be of major importance for metal carcinogenicity and have to be taken into account for risk assessment. Regarding the genotoxicity of the trivalent and pentavalent methylated arsenicals, our results indicate that biomethylation increases inorganic arsenic-induced genotoxicity and thus may be involved in inorganic arsenic-induced carcinogenicity.


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