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The assessment procedure Hydrological quality enables the assessment of human impacts on the hydrological system of river basins. The aim of the project was the development of a procedure, which is operationally applicable at regional scales. After test applications of the methodology in 2003, a software system for operational application (AHQ-IHF) was developed in 2004. In the assessment part "catchment properties" the potential human impact on the hydrological system is quantified based on commonly available spatial data. As an aggregation of the different assessment parameters the "index of human impact" is calculated. In the part "stream flow dynamics" anthropogenic alterations of the inter-annual variations of different stream flow variables are identified and assessed. To describe the temporal variability of stream flow the Indicators of Hydrological Alteration (IHA) are chosen. They describe different aspects of the hydrological regime and can be linked to specific ecological functions. The human impact can be investigated using measured or modeled time series of daily stream flow. Alterations in the annual time series of the different stream flow variables are quantified using the Range of Variability Approach (RVA). Nutrient emissions (nitrogen and phosphorus) in the river basins and the water quality of rivers (concerning nitrogen and phosphate) are the subject of the third assessment part. For quantification of the emissions nutrient balance models (e.g. MONERIS) are used. The assessment of water quality is based mainly on time series of water quality samples. Within the project framework the software system AHQ-IHF (Assessment of Hydrological Quality), which enables an operational use of most of the calculations involved in the methodology, was developed. The procedure was applied for almost the entire state of Baden-Württemberg. It could be shown by the application and its results that the procedure is operationally applicable. The software developed within the project (AHQ-IHF-Program and some tools for pre- and post-processing) will be made accessible to the public.


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