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Caused by financial restrictions more and more local authorities plan to conclude contracts for refurbishment, maintenance and operation of public buildings according to the model of public private partnership (PPP). The expected advantages are cost reduction and fast termination of the projects. Up to now the impacts of such strategy concerning a sustainable development have not been analysed.

Against this background the research project aims to identify chances and risks the PPP model offers for a sustainable development at the example of schools. Within the scope of the project a set of criteria was identified that allow the evaluation of PPP-projects concerning their contribution to a sustainable development.

Within the framework of the project the references of the PPP model to a sustainable development were identified on the basis of literature research on running PPP-projects and expert interviews with PPP practitioners. In the following this references were concretised on the basis of the PPP-project "schools in the district of Offenbach", serving as example from the practise for the analysis. In the focus of the analysis will be the comparison of the two possible alternatives: the PPP model and the realisation by the local authority on their own.

Within the research project it could be shown that by far not all energy saving potentials were realised within the analysed PPP-project even though they were cost effective. Just as for the realisation by the local authority on their own, it is crucial that local authorities set clear standards for a sustainable refurbishment and maintenance and integrate them in the PPPcontract. The PPP-model indeed offers some incentives for the contractor that foster sustainable development. But there is no automatism that leads to a sustainable refurbishment and operation of buildings. Against this background 10 thesis for an improved integration of sustainability aspects in PPP-projects were developed. The project concluded with recommendations on how sustainable development could be integrated within PPPcontracts.


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